We can predict how you might look like!
We will help you change your body in reality as well
How it works
You need to take a picture or choose a photo
Photo processing by Artificial Intelligence algorithms
Get a photo of your

updated athletic body

There will also be defined:
  • Body type
  • Physical fitness level
Formation of an individual Training Plan:
  • Workouts
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
Decomposed plan
Everyday tasks throughout the period for real results. We always know what you have to do today, tomorrow and half a year after
Deep Learning
Algorithms developed due to Neural Networks that predict how you might look like, determine your body type and fitness level.
Individual Approach
Personalized program based on your body type and current progress including workout, sleep and nutrition
Visualization of your success, display of personal metrics, graphs and nearest plans
Sleep pattern & Nutrition
Balanced diet made of essential natural products and everyday recommendations on sleep
Team newbody
Urban Aleksey
Founder, CEO
Gomktsyan Migran
Tumanov Vladimir
Liskovec Boris
Head of Data Science
Shishkin Michael
Product Designer
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